Server Data Recovery

This doesn’t have anything to do with data recovery, but these are some pretty cool doors!


Meet Our Rock-Solid Conference Rooms

There comes a time in a startup’s growth when… conference rooms suddenly become a hot commodity and are always being used. Having reached that point a few weeks ago, we decided to make room reservations easier by giving each conference room a different personality.
First, we gave the rooms memorable names so people know the exact room they’re reserving online. Asking to meet in the “glass room” or “the third-biggest room on the right” was already confusing, and would only get more so later on. Initially, we wanted to name the rooms after volcanoes. We quickly changed our minds after trying to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull.
Eventually, we thought it would be nice to name the rooms after traits of the RockMelt browser, like “supremely secure”, “rock solid”, and “totally trustworthy.” Coincidentally, we had also been thinking of ways to graffiti the office since we have some big fans of graffiti art. From there, an idea was born!
After settling on the names, we reached out to our awesome friends at New Edge Creative Services. They came into the office, decided on a stylistic hybrid of acrylic and graffiti, and started pimping out our conference rooms immediately with creative themes and amazing artwork.

Since the completion of the conference decorations, we’ve never had problems with room reservations. And we feel more productive too!

Hope you like them as much as we do!